Is CBD coffee pointless or powerful?

Out of all the CBD infused products out there, CBD coffee is one of the most debated. Shouldn’t a stimulant and a calmer just cancel each other out? Here’s what we know about CBD coffee.

With the ever-growing popularity of CBD infused products now, there’s very little left that it hasn’t been added to? From chocolate to sports bras! One of the more notable CBD products is CBD infused coffee.

What is CBD coffee?

CBD coffee is simply coffee that has been infused with CBD. 

Baristas either add some CBD oil while making a drink, usually a latte and there may be an addition of honey to mask the taste of the “plant” taste of the oil or use CBD infused coffee beans. CBD infused coffee means are usually made with oil-based formulas which coat the coffee beans in CBD.

Another method is the +HEMP method by Subduction Coffee. Unlike their competitors, they use a formula that is water-soluble. This means just like how the coffee infuses in hot water, the CBD does too.

Subduction coffee infused with hemp comes in a variety of delicious coffee beans.

As oil is denser than water, the other formulas and methods baristas use means that there may be some CBD oil floating at the top of your drink. This means that the CBD is concentrated at this part of the drink, and not infused thoroughly. Drinkers may find the oil at the top off-putting.

Is it safe?

Coffee and CBD seem like two opposite compounds; coffee is a stimulant, and CBD is a relaxant.

We’ve been warned not to mix alcohol and energy drinks, with the popular “Jagerbomb” combo of Red Bull and Jagermeister, being compared to cocaine.

The difference here is that CBD does not affect the body the way alcohol does. Alcohol is a depressant which means that it slows down your brain function and even your breathing and heartbeat. While CBD will calm you down, it doesn’t behave the way alcohol does on your body.

You may love your spirits, but trust that they are not good for your body and mind.

Alcohol works, quite simply, by robbing your body of oxygen and making you feel dizzy or drunk or “stupid”. Not to say that’s not quite popular around the world, but it is essentially a poison that your liver eventually cleans out of your bloodstream.

People who use CBD are completely sober and retain all their inhibitions. People are also more likely to drink a few Jagerbombs after one another on a night out. Whereas most people don’t have another cup of coffee straight after finishing the first one. Too much caffeine is dangerous, regardless of whether it’s CBD coffee or regular coffee.

Here’s a nice little primer on 100mg of caffeine consumed by various popular products.

There haven’t been any studies on CBD coffee, but what we know so far, is that it seems safe. After all, no one has ended up in the hospital or worse, dead, after drinking it.

What does it do?

Mixing a stimulant with something that relaxes you seems silly at first? The coffee wakes you up, and the CBD puts you to sleep. Shouldn’t they just cancel each other out?

Some would argue that you retain all the benefits of drinking coffee such as being more alert and awake, but the presence of CBD helps ward off the negative effect coffee can have. This means that while you feel more alert, the negative effect of coffee such as jitters and increased anxiety won’t be felt as much, or at all. For those who struggle to sleep at night if they drank coffee that day, the presence of CBD could also off-set caffeine-induced insomnia. 

If you’re using CBD to ease the pain or symptoms of chronic illness, it might be best not to consume it in this manner. The temperature could affect the amount of CBD you’re actually getting. While this isn’t much of a concern for people who use CBD recreationally, if you use it to alleviate symptoms of a condition, it’s best to stick to drops or capsules. 

Testimonials to CBD coffee

One reviewer of a CBD cold brew felt more jittery than when she drank regular coffee. Although she felt the dose of CBD may have been too low. It should be noted that cold-brews contain more caffeine than both a regular cup of coffee and iced coffee due to the higher ratio of coffee to water. 

Another person who tried CBD coffee couldn’t tell if it had any effect at all. This person acknowledged that they may not have drunk enough, or could simply have a high tolerance for CBD. 

Jane West knows cannabis (and style!)

Cannabis activist, Jane West told Marie Claire that she and her team find CBD coffee to make them feel less jittery. She also explained how the fact that CBD has properties that combat nausea and anxiety, it helps to reduce the “acid belly” feeling some people experience after a cup off coffee.

What’s important to note, is that the dose indicated on the label isn’t always the dose you actually get. While the FDA intents on regulating CBD, right now due to a lack of regulation, it’s possible that a product that says it’s 5% CBD could actually contain less than that or more. 

In each of these examples, a different brand and dosage were used, which makes it impossible to come to a clear consensus about if CBD coffee works. As everyone has a different tolerance for both substances, it could be a case of working well for some people and having no effect on others.

The bottom line

It depends on how your body handles caffeine and CBD. Everyone has a different caffeine tolerance, just as everyone reacts differently to CBD.  Before trying this, you should already be aware of how you handle both by themselves. 

If you’re sensitive to caffeine but don’t want decaff, then CBD coffee might be ideal. However, this doesn’t mean that caffeine is any less of a stimulant just because CBD is in it. If you’re severely sensitive to caffeine, this doesn’t mean that you can start drinking 2 cups a day and expect nothing to happen. 

If you’re not sensitive to caffeine, but simply want a way to start taking CBD as a health supplement then it could be good too. If you’re not a fan of CBD oil or capsules then coffee can be an easy way of adding it to your diet because you’ll hardly notice it’s there. 

Making CBD coffee at home can be as simple as adding a few drops of CBD oil to ground coffee in your french press. You might find the oil that could raise to the top of the cup off-putting. This only happens if the CBD is oil-based. You can avoid this by using water-based CBD.

This is why cafes sell their own CBD infused coffee beans so customers can brew it at home as they normally would. 

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